School districts in Idaho are now being ranked by percentile, which is different from percentages. For example, everyone in a class can score an 85 percent on a test, but not everyone can be ranked at the same percentile. Using the previous example, if someone scores in the 85th percentile, they scored better than 84 of his peers on a scale of 1 to 100. The schools in the West Side School District scored in the following percentiles compared to schools statewide:

Harold B Lee Elementary - English Language Arts - 69th percentile; Math - 92nd percentile.

Beutler Middle School - English Language Arts - 88th percentile; Math - 87th percentile.

West Side High School - English Language Arts - 92nd percentile; Math - 90th percentile; Graduation rate >90th percentile.

These results are evidence of the consistent and strong academic tradition in the West Side School District.

The percentile scores are more significant when considering the number of schools in the comparison. There are 491 schools that teach grades K-8 and 171 schools that teach grades 9-12 in the state. The school board would like to express their appreciation to the hard-working students and dedicated teachers for their hard work. We are fortunate to be in a community where the constituents are extremely supportive of the school district.

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